Today’s Contemplation

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I was thinking today on the idea of “contemplation” which means literally to “align temples.”

Think about how your inner temple… the dwelling of the Spirit of God within you is aligned with the heavenly tabernacle, where Jesus dwells at the right hand of God. Take a few moments just to meditate on the following contemplations:

Jesus is at the center of the temple, both heavenly and inward.

The Spirit ministers to God on our behalf, and to us on God’s behalf.

The commandments of God lie underneath the mercy seat. Especially the greatest commands… Love God and Love Others. Embodied in the presence of Christ both in heaven and in our hearts.

The Father is worshiped above all in this place. All sacrifices, all gifts, all thanksgiving is given to him both by the angels in heaven, and in our hearts as well.

It is through these and thoughts like these that we truly “contemplate” and align our inner temple with the heavenly one.