Theological Physics and an Apology for the Existence of God

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I know only a little about theology. Even less about physics. But I’ve been thinking about the idea of contingency, and that idea brings theology and physics together for me.

Think for a moment about the idea of contingency. What does it mean? Look it up if you have to because you’ll need a working definition. The basic idea I’ll be working with is this: Contingency is the idea that something… whatever it is… relies on something ELSE for it’s existence. On the other hand, if something is “non-contingent” then it relies on nothing else for its existence.

So of course, I started thinking about the different dimensions, what they are and how they are contingent upon each other.

Now, we typically think of the higher dimensions as being the “loftier” or more “mysterious” or even the “greater” dimensions. However, I want to suggest the opposite. I’ll try to illustrate.

Let’s say, for a moment, that we want to talk about something that is 3 dimensional. That means, at least from what I remember from my school-boy days, that it exists with the properties of width, height, and depth. Up down (one dimension), Left right (a second dimension) and forward, backward or in, out (a third dimension). What I am suggesting is that for something to exist as a three dimensional object, it is completely contingent on the existence of all three of those dimensions. Three dimensional objections cannnot exist without up and down, left and right, in and out. Therefore, I am suggesting that the three dimensions that make up a three dimensional object are actually GREATER than the object itself, because they (the dimensions) do not rely on the object for existence, rather the object relies upon them.

And so it is even with the 4th dimension, if we can assume the fourth dimension is time. And let’s do.

Time requires four dimensions, up and down (one), left and right (two), in and out (three) and perspective one to perspective two or “movement.” It is marking the difference between perspective one and perspective two that I’ll use to define time. We see a three dimensional object from perspective one… (and with only one perspective it remains a three dimensional object), but as soon as the object is set in motion and a different perspective is observed the object has become four dimensional.

What then, is the conclusion?

I conclude that a 4 dimensional object is lesser than a three dimensional object because the 4th dimensional (time bound) object RELIES on the prior 3 dimensions. And so a 3 dimensional object is lesser than a two, and a two dimensional object lesser than one.

Which brings me to the most exciting part of this particular article.

The ZERO dimension. Which is, and what else could it be, but ultimate NON-CONTINGENCY!

Or, dare I say it. . . GOD.  To me, dimensional physics are proof of God. God is the Zero dimension. God is non-contingency because God relies on absolutely NOTHING for his existence. God does not require up and down, left and right, in and out, movement, matter, energy or anything else. God is not even contingent upon the existence of reality, because without the existence of the other dimensions, reality itself cannot even be defined. Therefore, reality is contingent upon God, not the other way around.

What I may do, in a part two article, is talk a little about how the creation story itself proves the point.

Think about it this way…

Which was created first, and here you’ll need do your own investigation… light or the sources of it (i.e. sun, moon & starts)?  For the direction I’ll take, please refer to Genesis 1.

Let me know what you think?

Happy Anniversary… Indeed

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It’s been 20 years ago today that I married my lovely bride Ginger. With the milestones that we have placed behind us I can say that it has been a rich and rewarding and yes, sometimes challenging 20 years.

It’s wonderful to see…

1) Our kids have survived their parents! Garrett is 14, Sam 12, Emma 10, Savannah 4 and Zoe just turned two a couple of day sago.

2) We’ve been doing ministry this WHOLE time. I have to admit, there were a couple of years I thought about making a career shift to McDonalds.

3) Most of the places we have lived have tolerated us pretty well! 😉

4) We still love each other, we love life, we love our kids, and look forward to another 20 years together as husband and wife. Who knows… maybe somewhere in the next 20 years… we’ll get to become grandparents.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged us and supported us and prayed for us and whipped us into shape when we needed it. We love our family both by blood and by blood of Jesus.

“ONE” Pastors (Part 1)

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ONE PastorsONE Pastors…

Some of you already know that I have opportunity each week to sit at the table with 4 other pastors from the Hutchinson area. Each of us come from different theological backgrounds as well as different places and experiences in our personal lives and ministries. But with all our differences, I still love our similarities.

Though some may think we have it backwards, and perhaps we do, we really focused our reationship first and foremost on friendship, and second on ideas and thoughts, theologies and other discussions. What is great is that we come to the table all with the same assumption… that Jesus Christ is Lord and it is our goal above all, to serve him in this community to the best of our abilities … with our own skills … and in the context of our own lives.

Brief introductions: (in order of appearance)

So… if you can imagine independent Christian, Baptist, Pentecostal, Liturgical, Free Methodist, all sitting around a glass coffee table … sharing time … sharing life … sharing coffee … and the table has yet to be broken. 😉

What’s at the heart of it? I can honestly say there are two things that I think lie at the heart of this relationship. 1) A avid affection for Jesus Christ as Lord. And 2) friendship. Both are essential. It would be incredibly difficult to maintain unity without either.

Someone once asked me why I thought there were so many churches or denominations? My answer was this: Because people who lead churches, by and large, are unwilling to do the work it  takes to cultivate healing relationships. I can honestly say, my time with Quintin, Andy, Howard and Aaron prove that theory correct. So far. Keep praying for unity in Hutchinson. I really think we are on the brink of something unprecedented.