“ONE” Pastors (Part 1)

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ONE PastorsONE Pastors…

Some of you already know that I have opportunity each week to sit at the table with 4 other pastors from the Hutchinson area. Each of us come from different theological backgrounds as well as different places and experiences in our personal lives and ministries. But with all our differences, I still love our similarities.

Though some may think we have it backwards, and perhaps we do, we really focused our reationship first and foremost on friendship, and second on ideas and thoughts, theologies and other discussions. What is great is that we come to the table all with the same assumption… that Jesus Christ is Lord and it is our goal above all, to serve him in this community to the best of our abilities … with our own skills … and in the context of our own lives.

Brief introductions: (in order of appearance)

So… if you can imagine independent Christian, Baptist, Pentecostal, Liturgical, Free Methodist, all sitting around a glass coffee table … sharing time … sharing life … sharing coffee … and the table has yet to be broken. 😉

What’s at the heart of it? I can honestly say there are two things that I think lie at the heart of this relationship. 1) A avid affection for Jesus Christ as Lord. And 2) friendship. Both are essential. It would be incredibly difficult to maintain unity without either.

Someone once asked me why I thought there were so many churches or denominations? My answer was this: Because people who lead churches, by and large, are unwilling to do the work it  takes to cultivate healing relationships. I can honestly say, my time with Quintin, Andy, Howard and Aaron prove that theory correct. So far. Keep praying for unity in Hutchinson. I really think we are on the brink of something unprecedented.