Reclaiming the Priesthood Part 3

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I’m absolutely thrilled about Sunday’s lesson. The implications of and the responsibility that God has placed upon us in preaching the gospel of repentance in the name of Jesus Christ. What a priestly responsibility! That God has given such authority to me… to proclaim forgiveness in his name. And to know… that people either believe it and receive it… or the reject it. Powerful stuff.

For your consideration: What are the implications of Luke’s version of the Great Commission? What are the implications of the story of Jesus healing the lame man and first saying, “Your sins are forgiven.” And then the people are amazed that God had given such authority “to men.” Does the church today still wield that authority in his name?

Are still to be about the business of proclaiming forgiveness of sins in his name? Do we actually have that authority and to what end? To what limit?

Great questions, aren’t they?

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