Morning Prayer – Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Our Father

The one in heaven. Your name is holy and above all other names. I pray Lord for your kingdom to come within me and around me … that I would respond to you just as the angels in heaven do. I think you Lord for my physical provisions for today… food, clothing, shelter. Thank you. As I think of my state, I also ask for forgiveness and also for the grace to forgive others. And finally, Lord, I pray that you would lead me in such a way that I am rescued. Lead me away from the things that tempt me and away from the devil himself.

I thank you most Holy Spirit for the comfort you provide. May I be a sharer today of that very comfort. I pray Father, for the strength you provide. May I be a good steward of that strength. I pray Jesus, for the grace that comes through the sacrifice of your body. I pray that I be that body today.

Holy Trinity, I pray today that as we convene for the sake of your worship that we would be fully prepared to lead people into your presence. I apologize for our shortcomings, our lack of reverence or awe as we stand in your presence today. But as always, God, I pray that you would pardon your servants who are not clean according to the rules of your heavenly sanctuary. May all those today whose hearts seek you find you by your grace.


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