Happy Anniversary… Indeed

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It’s been 20 years ago today that I married my lovely bride Ginger. With the milestones that we have placed behind us I can say that it has been a rich and rewarding and yes, sometimes challenging 20 years.

It’s wonderful to see…

1) Our kids have survived their parents! Garrett is 14, Sam 12, Emma 10, Savannah 4 and Zoe just turned two a couple of day sago.

2) We’ve been doing ministry this WHOLE time. I have to admit, there were a couple of years I thought about making a career shift to McDonalds.

3) Most of the places we have lived have tolerated us pretty well! 😉

4) We still love each other, we love life, we love our kids, and look forward to another 20 years together as husband and wife. Who knows… maybe somewhere in the next 20 years… we’ll get to become grandparents.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged us and supported us and prayed for us and whipped us into shape when we needed it. We love our family both by blood and by blood of Jesus.


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